Do Too Many Bumper Stickers Make You Mad?

Have you ever seen a car who’s tail end was covered in 50 different bumper stickers? That’s just totally excessive. And on top of that, what person following the car in question could read all or even a portion of that? Of course, anyone with 50 bumper stickers on their car IS sending a message: 1) that they think they’re cooler than you, and 2) that they have ADHD and can’t concentrate on anything.

One bumper sticker is about all I can tolerate on a regular, non-insane person’s car. Two, one on each side of the license plate, is unpalatable but ok too. More than that, and you’re just asking for me to judge you. OTOH, some people really want you to judge them. Now try this one on for size…

What I want to know is why do whoremongers get the big, red letters? Liars (a.k.a. politicians ) are on the same list, but don’t seem to earn this person’s ire. Unbelievers are similarly on the list. And so are murderers. But whoremongers get the big, red letters? It sounds like a personal grievance to me and tells me a lot more about the driver of the car than perhaps they meant to convey.

Got any other good bumper sticker stories? I’d love to hear ’em!


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