Fear of…

The funny thing is, I think I know people with some of these:

Portarideluomophobia fear of people wearing costumes
Pygmaliadevengalavidadiabolicaphobia fear of being attacked by mannequins
Angoraphobia fear of itchy sweaters
Quisappositusphobia fear of distant objects coming closer
Sophismataphobia fear of falsehoods
Stockabbildungophobia fear of drawings of stick figures
Terminolectolibriphobia fear of reading the last page of a book
Atrichophobia fear of bald people and, or fear of going bald
Janephobia fear of killing animals accidentally when driving
Dipatiphobia fear of stepping on cracks in the sidewalk
Dodecahedrophobia fear of twelve sided polygons
Aliusanusphobia fear of others’ anuses
Tactile pseudofecalphobia fear of touching fake poop
Corposurculustermesphobia fear of sprouting branches from ones body
Incidofurtaphobia fear of being tricked
Votuphobia fear of prayer
Nonlatineloqueriaphobia fear of being unable to speak Latin
Catapultimataphobia fear of being killed by a catapult
Notitiatotadiesphobia fear of 24-hour news
Agricolaphobia fear of farm houses and people who live on farms


  1. some guy that Bailey’s dad works with is deathly afraid of marshmallows.

  2. I’m scared of both fake and real poop. I had no idea it was a classified condition. Maybe I can get disability benefits…

  3. My friend Holam has a fear of midgets. Thank GOD I made it over the 4’10” mark!

  4. Marshmallows?!? Midgets?!? Poop?!?


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