Back in Atlanta! Wed, Feb 9 2011

Me and Adam, er, Aaron

I always enjoy spending time with my friends from Atlanta, as well as meeting folks and making new friends. If you live in the Atlanta area, I hope you’ll join me on the evening of Wednesday, February 9th, 2011.  Details are at the Atlanta SQL Server user group website.

It’s common knowledge that I have a terrible memory for many things.  However, one of the few things that my memory is usually really good at is remember names & faces (and remembering stories, but that is another story as well).

It’s only in the last couple years that I’ve gotten to know Atlanta-area folks like Aaron Nelson (blog | twitter), at left.  Aaron likes to tease me because the first time or two we talked after our initial introduction, I kept getting his name wrong.  That’s uncharacteristic of me.  But, hey, I was distracted because Aaron had brought his 12 year old daughter along and I kept wishing that I’d brought mine!  Aaron has really good content on SQL Server and PowerShell on his blog and in his presentations.  Don’t miss out!

The Flying Ainsworth Brothers

Another person in the Atlanta area I’ve enjoyed getting to know better is Stuart Ainsworth (blog | twitter).  Stuart has really stepped up to the plate these last couple years as a leader and a volunteer.  I’m really impressed with his efforts, especially because they’re in very important but rather invisible and thankless tasks.  One example is his work in succession governance for PASS.  Stuart, I salute you and thank you for your efforts.

I hope to see y’all there!  And if I don’t, y’all come up and visit us in Nashville some time.



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