What’s Up With Discovery Wizard for SQL Server?

First, the Good News

Disco, aka Discovery Wizard for SQL Server, like John Travolta in "Saturday Night Fever" except the pants aren't as tight

I really like the free SQL Server utility from Quest Software, nicknamed “Disco”, that enables you to discover and inventory all versions and editions of Microsoft SQL Server from the mid-1990’s onward.  You can see what it does at http://questkb.com/category/sqlserver/discovery-wizard/.

I’ve had a lot of customers who have faced the challenge of bringing an unwieldy and chaotically growing SQL Server infrastructure  to heel.  It can be really daunting in a big enterprise trying to find all of the SQL Servers tucked behind third-party applications, Microsoft products like Sharepoint, and various tools that use SQL Server as its data repository.

If you’ve never seen Disco, take a look at it in action here: http://www.quest.com/discovery-wizard-for-sql-server/.

Now, the Bad News

I’m hearing rumors inside of Quest that Disco may be heading towards the great product dustbin in the sky.  Me no likey!

If Disco is a tool you use and enjoy, or it’s a tool you would like to use and enjoy in the future, then please post a comment here and/or send an email to info@quest.com voicing your support for Disco.  I’d like to see Quest keep this product free and supported, now and in the future.

What do you think?

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