Wednesday Quest: On-Line Demos for Toad Data Analyst and Benchmark Factory

Toad Data Analyst

Toad Data Analyst, the Reporting Tool for non-technical types

If you’ve attended any of my public sessions about SQL Server technology, then you might remember that I extend a standing offer to provide a free, long-term license to any of several products from Quest Software, such as Toad for SQL Server (including the SQL Optimizer), Toad Data Analyst, Toad Data Modeler, and the awesome performance and scalability testing tool Benchmark Factory.

If you’ve ever wondered about these tools and why I tout them, why don’t you take a couple minutes to look at the on-line demos available at each of the preceding links?  If you like what you see, drop me a note and I’ll get you that license I was blabbing about. I thank you and my children thank you! <grin>

And don’t forget to check out the useful SQL Server community resources at, including goodies like additional customized reports and custom counters for Spotlight on SQL Server Enterprise.



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