Wednesday Quest: New Product Training and Documentation

Product documentation and product training are two areas where our customers consistently press us to improve…and one we take if very seriously.

Bold Claims

One of my favorite tools in the Quest Software toolbox for SQL Server (and Oracle) DBAs is called Foglight Performance Analysis, or more commonly, PA.  This product can do things that no other tool or amount of customized scripts can ever reproduce.  I am dead serious about this claim.

To find out more, navigate to and click on “Key Product Documents”.  You’ll then be taken to

Here you’ll find just about any and all documents you could possibly need, from initial evaluation, through the demo and proof-of-concept (POC) phase, and on through implementation and on-going management.  Do we have more documentation?  Sure, but this list contains the key documents you’ll most likely want to see.


I’ve also gotten a lot of questions about training on the Quest tools – Do we offer it? How much does it cost? When do the classes run?

The quick answer is YES! We offer very nice training for a mere $350.  Head over to and you’ll see a link to “Find out about Technical Training” that links to  Once you register, you’ll get to take part in two 2-hour fully remote offerings.  The first class is focused on sizing, configuration, and setup of PA, while the second teaches you how to use the product.



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