The TN Renaissance Fair, our Memorial Day tradition

We’ve been doing the TN Renaissance Fair every Memorial Day weekend it seems for at least five or six year. I can imagine that we’ll be doing it for many years into the future.

The budget wasn’t as big this year as in some previous years, so we didn’t get to play quite as many games. But it seems like everyone had a lot of fun. Both of the girls tried their hands at “Dragon Joust”, but alas, they did not vanquish their foe. (grin)

We got to see lots of the shops, the living chess match, and the falconer’s demonstration. I really wanted to see the entire knight’s tournament event. But it’d been a long day already and was hot and dusty. So we called it a day after the first half of the competition, without seeing the fully armored combatants go at it with lance and shield. That’d have been really cool.
We’ll also need to reinvest in costumes for next years. I think the girls missed having their little fairy wings fluttering in the wind. LOL!
I hope your holiday was great,


  1. Actually, we started going the summer before Katie was born. Don’t you remember going when I was pregnant with her? I had two fruit smoothies ‘cuz I was so frickin’ hot.

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