The TN Renaissance Fair, 2008

It’s that time of year again -every weekend in May – time for the TN Renaissance Fair. We were blessed with unusually good weather this year. It was relatively cool and breezy, while still being a nice sunny day. And despite all of the rain we’ve had this month, it wasn’t muddy either. The knights were quite a spectacle on the jousting grounds and the living chess match seemed a bit more polished and with more elaborate choreography.

Dylan and Emily had other plans for the day. I suppose I’ll have to get more and more used to that as they each become more independent. But I still missed them. So, like this year, it was my girls plus Rachel and her three girls.

The big treat for the lil girls this year was henna tatoos. I forgot to load up on cash before going to the Fair. So I didn’t have anything left over after drinks and the tatoos – except enough for one funnel cake – which the girls decended upon like ravenous vultures, only much cuter and better smelling. Savannah chose a flower on her forearm.

Anna chose a butterfly for her shoulder. (Notice that she just had to wear her cute little Bavarian dress I bought for her in Munich. I think this might be the last year it fits her.)

Ava got a butterfly for her arm – a different one from what Anna chose.

Kaylee got a really pretty heart pattern on her foot.

And Katie got yet another unique butterfly for her foot.

The thing that’s really cool about the henna tatoos is that they stain your skin. So when the henna paste dries and crumbles off, you still have the pretty picture for another week or two.

This is the whole gang collapsed on the 30 mile hike back to our car (I exaggerate of course, but it was a long way.) A brilliant marketing person at Vitamin Water was handing out free samples on our way out, so they earned the undying gratitude of this very parched group of girlies.


  1. Next year I’m gonna take 100 bucks and get a giant bald eagle on my back with an American Flag, of course.

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