…The real reason why the kids can’t sleep in my bed any more…

What parent can deny their kids a little snuggle time in their bed, right? They just want to love on you is all. Plus, they fuss. They huff. They bat their adorably long eyelashes at you and make puppy eyes. It gets really hard to say no when they do that.

However, nature provides more subtle ways to urge you to get them out of your bed and into their own. For starters, they get big. As they get bigger, they get heavier while simultaneously thinking they are neither big nor heavy. And of course, they still think they’re so tiny that they can lay any which way on your bed without it impacting anyone.

My usual routine is to read the girls a story or two in my bed. Then, once they’re asleep, I carry them up to their own beds. So I walked into my bedroom the other night after letting the girls snuggle into my bed for a while and saw this:

This was my was wake-up call to get those girls into their own beds. Look how big they’re getting! And needless to say, I don’t have to tell you that those feet had often ended up in my own face. Jeesh!


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