The Crucible

Dylan did the sound and an interesting pre-play multimedia presentation for the high school’s production of The Crucible. Here he is getting ready to do a dry run of the multimedia slide deck. He created it using Microsoft PowerPoint and added in a musical soundtrack and set it to auto-step through all of the slides.

Unfortunately, I had a business trip that conflicted with seeing the full, regular play. But I was able to make the dress rehearsal. Now, you may not know this. But I did quite a lot of acting and stage work back in high school. And I have to say that if my plays were half as tight at dress rehearsal as this one, I’d have been much happier with my acting experience. Of course, most of the problems with my plays were of my own making. I hate memorizing lines!!!
I’m really proud of him and think he did an outstanding job. Way to go, Big D!

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