The Braces are off and the bars & locks are going up!!!

Sometimes your kids don’t understand that you simply HAVE to capture the moment, even if you have to take more pictures than you want to. In Emily’s case, I’d take a couple pictures trying to show her last day in braces. But they didn’t turn out too well. Consequently, her expression practically screams “Dad, please finish before I start hitting you!”

Every now and then I look at my daughter(s) and see not my daughter, but a beautiful woman – a beautiful woman that other boys/men are staring at. Needless to say, all those males died bloody and horrible deaths at my hands, nostrils, or whatever.

Of course, that’s happened plenty of times before she got her braces off. However, it happened during lunch after I took Emily to get her braces off on Monday last and I suddenly realized she’s reached that teenage girl age where it’s impossible for a guy to tell if she’s 14 or 24. Now that the braces are gone that tagged her as a school kid, she could easily pass as a college student. This does not make dad happy.

On the other hand, the fact that she’s a happy, smart, well-adjusted young woman DOES make dad very happy. Can’t you see it in her face? I’m sure she won’t be smiling when she sees the new penitentiary strength bars I’ve installed on her windows and 5-bolt locks installed on her doors – the outside of her doors.

And if she does happen to meet a guy who’s willing to run the gauntlet with me to date her, I’m saving the picture below for the slide show that I’m preparing for her Prom Night. It’ll be in the long slide show of her pooping her pants, barfing, picking her nose, etc. Lovely, ain’t she?

I love you, Emily!!!



  1. whenever I see her in person she is a dead ringer for her mother, but when I was looking at these pics I could see your influence on her. Especially, that last picture or did she get that from Mom too. 😉

  2. Uh, that last picture was probably my influence. LOL!

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