TechStrong TV and SolarWinds Database Observability

Back in July 20, 2023, I had the opportunity to site for an open form interview with Alan Shimel, founder and CEO of the Techstrong Group, a media group with a host of excellent content sites such as and TechStrong.TV.

The abstract for the interview follows – After a brief hiatus, Kevin Kline has re-joined the SolarWinds team as a senior staff technical marketing manager where he serves as a subject matter expert on a variety of relational database management systems. Ahead of his participation in TechStrong’s DataOps Day, Kevin brings his experience, particularly with Microsoft SQL Server and Azure SQL, to TechStrong TV to share his breadth of knowledge on database observability solutions and challenges. The discussion focuses on SolarWinds’ database observability solution highlighting its cloud and on-premises capabilities and product offerings, which ensure service level objectives (SLOs) are exceeded for critical business applications.

If you’re interested in database monitoring and observability, take a few moments to watch the video or read the transcript of the interview here:

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