IT Horror Stories – Managers Run Amuck!

It seems like managers, so often, either go way overboard or go into hybernation and do way to little.  This month, I had the pleasure and horror to hear two stories of managers run amuck with power. The first is from a friend and IT professional I'll call Tony.  Tony said this: I worked for a firm as an IT manager when it was going through a relocation project.  We migrated from a shoddy IT infrastructure in a shoddy, unsecured server area (which had water pipes running around the back of the servers to the coffee machine with rodents visibly running around) to a shiny new office with a … [Read more...]

New in 2012 – IT Horror Stories

I do a lot of public speaking over the course of the year at many different conferences and events.  I always try to carve out time during and after the presentation to take questions from the audience.  While many of these questions are de riguer, I often get questions that can only be described as "How do I handle this ... <insert IT horror story here>?" These stories often turned out to be more interesting than the question or the answer in and of themselves.  For example, it's a common public speaking best practice to repeat a question back to the attendee.  This helps ensure … [Read more...]