Surprises from Katie

We had a little cook-out today for the family to celebrate the birthdays of Savannah (12), Kaylee (11), and Anna (11, and 3 days younger than Kaylee). Rachel’s folks came over, plus a couple close cousins and their families. It was great to have a wide variety of kids of various ages in the house.

Something happened, however, which really surprised me. Katie (8) has never paid much attention to kids littler than her. But somehow, for some unknown reason, Katie was really taken with tiny little Erlin and pre-kindergarten Ben. I’d never seen maternalism in Katie before. But again, much to my surprise, she happily took Erlin by the hand and led her and Ben out to play. She stuck by little Erlin’s side the whole time, pushed her on the swing, looked out for her on the trampoline, and otherwise had a great time being a great host.

Like I said – never seen that before and had no reason to expect it. But it was wonderful to see it happen on it’s own!

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