Starting this week: Dublin, Maidenhead, and London

This might be most most overcommitted four-week period of time ever in my life.  I’m tired just thinking about it! Not only am I traveling internationally and speaking over the next few weeks, I’m also helping on two book projects, learning some new applications from Quest Software, and helping on a small Transact-SQL refactoring project.

Swag on hand? I’ve got a special printing of 500 video training DVDs for this trip:

SQL Server Training on DMVs

Performance Monitor and Wait Events

Plus, I’ll have a few posters, stickers, and other goodies.  Come see me!


SQL Saturday 105; Dublin, Ireland; March 24

My maternal grandmother was first generation Irish-American and, somehow, going to Ireland feels a lot like going home to grandmom’s house.  And all my Irish friends make it feel like I’m going home to see the extended family – cousins and ‘once-removed’ family types.  And on top of that, we get to talk about SQL Server at SQL Saturday #105!   I’ll be doing a session called “Top 10 Things Every Developer Should Know”.  I’ll also be hanging out at the Quest Software booth much of the day and, just for fun, I plan on doing a completely unscripted lightning talk.


SQL Server User Group; Maidenhead, UK; March 27

From Dublin, I head over to the lovely town of Maidenhead, UK.  I’ll be spending a couple days in the Quest Software office there in Maidenhead, whose SQL Server User Group is lead by fellow Questie Richard Douglas (blog | twitter).  I’ll be presenting after Business Intelligence impresario Jen Stirrup (blog | twitter).  Space is limited, but there are still some seats left.

I’ve already heard from other twitterati that some great Microsoft SQL Server MVPs will be attending, like Tobiasz Koprowski (Blog | Twitter).  If you live in south, central England, then this is your chance!  Register here:


SQLBits; London, UK; March 29 – 31

This is the official launch event for SQL Server 2012!  This is your chance to get the best and biggest dose of SQL Server 2012 training for quite some time.  The free training day event is sold out.  However, some of the training day seminars have open seats, including my seminar Leadership Skills for the Database ProfessionalThis seminar distills the years of formal training and hard-won experience I’ve accumulated throughout my career starting as a developer leading a small team, through the founding and early startup years of PASS, into my later years leading a large, multi-national development organization.  You’ll learn all the skills that are crucial for you to make the leap (and it’s a big one) from full-time technologist to a leader and manager of people.

And we’ll be hosting our popular SQL trivia quize and IT Horror Stories sessions as well.  So be sure to plan on grabbing your lunch and heading into our fun lunch-time sessions!

I hope to see you at one of these upcoming events!  Cheers,


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