Springtime Soccer

We spent a few hundred bucks to get all five of the girls signed up for Upwards Soccer. Upwards Soccer is a church-run league that emphasizes playing and fun over winning. For example, there’s no official score keeping at the games. Although the registration was expensive, the gear (such as the jerseys) was really high quality.

The only downside we experienced was that the league was only open to kindergarten through fourth grade. So that meant that Savannah couldn’t play this year. Otoh, she helped the girls practice a lot and kick the ball with them in backyard.

Anna has always enjoyed soccer. Although her natural tendency towards pokiness definitely showed up on the playing field.

Kaylee showed a really strong athletic flair for the sport. Katie also showed a lot of potential as was one of the fastest kids on her team, if not THE fastest. On the other hand, the spirit also has to be willing – and with Katie – many times, it was not.

Ava has done a really fantastic job coming up to speed in her first season of sports. She could be a really strong player in the future if she wanted.

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