Skinned Knees

Katie has a tradition of running down the handicap-access ramp at the YMCA in a spunky-kid attempt to beat me and her sisters down the stairs. Usually, she wins because she runs at maximum speed.

When we came down the stairs earlier in the week, Katie took off as usual down the ramp – but this time she was wearing flip-flops. Not a good choice for a high-speed sprint and, BLAM!, she was skidding across the concrete before I could even think straight. She skinned up her knees, big toes, and palms pretty badly, but especially her knees.

I probably should’ve taken her into the YMCA to see if they had any first-aid care. But my brain wasn’t thinking too clearly, so I took her home instead. It was a 15-20 minute ride with her bravely and sometimes unsuccessfully fighting back the tears the whole time. Dylan drove and I held her, while Anna Lynn blew on her scraps to try to help ease the pain.

When we got her home, I doctored her up as best I could manage, making her look a lot like the mummy. She wanted her mom, so Kelly popped in and, in the end, wound up taking her to her place for some individual TLC. It’s great that she can live so close.

Being the lil trooper that she is, Katie was back to being the spunky burst of energy that she always is in no time at all. Brave little girl!

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