Senior Night and the All-State Choir Concert

Dylan and Connor were the MC’s for this year’s Senior Night at Mt Juliet High School. They chose an SNL theme and, so, did a lot of skits from Saturday Night Live. Dylan and Connor did great, as did the other actors and actresses that were in all the skits. Some were truly hilarious.

At left (rt to lft), Dylan, Alec Odem, and Connor.

Despite the great skits, there were some difficulties that night. First, the other MCs weren’t so great. In fact, they were pretty bad and took up a huge amount of time. Second, there was a ridiculously long and self-indulgent slide show half-way through the program. In all, we spent four and a half hours on what should’ve been a two hour evening. That’s really tough when you’re herding five other little kids around.

In the photo below, on their way to All-State, (rt to lft), Ellie, Kylan Burgess (with the thumbs up), and Dylan with others in the background

The next weekend, Dylan and Ellie (Emily’s best friend) went to the TN state All-State Choir Concert.

These guys blew the doors off! They sounded so incredibly good. I was really amazed. In addition, even after hearing Dylan going to All-State several times in the past, I could tell that their director was exceptional. He was able to wring a great deal more out of this troop than any other guest director I’d seen in the past and left me truly impressed.

Dylan had a really successful choir year in 2009 and ranked as 15th tenor in the state. You can see him in the picture below just immediately to the left of the elbow of the guest director.

I was also really pleased to be able to go and hang out with Emily and enjoy the show. Emily and I skipped over for some lunch and snapped a picture of her and Ellie with the TN State Capital Building directly behind them. We’ve been seeing so much of Ellie that, at this rate, I’m going to claim her as a deduction on my income taxes.

After the show was over, I also got to hug, kiss, and slobber all over Katie and Anna, who were staying with their mom that week. I didn’t even know they were coming. So it was a double treat to be able to see them, as well as Dylan and Emily.

Below at left, Emily and Ellie, and at right, Anna and Katie.


  1. i look frickin weird.
    oh, well.
    ellie and dylan were great!

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