Pain of the Week/Expert’s Perspective: Performance Tuning for Backups and Restores

First off – the Pain of the Week webcast series has been renamed.  It’s now known as The Expert’s Perspective.  Please join us for future webcasts and, if you’re interested in speaking, drop me a note to see if we can get you on the roster!

The bigger your databases get, the longer backups take. That doesn’t really seem like a huge problem — until disaster strikes and you need to restore your databases as fast as possible.

Join my buddy Brent Ozar (blogtwitter), a Microsoft Certified Master of SQL Server and good friend, as he reveals ways to make these critically important maintenance tasks run faster.

You’ll discover:

  • Why Instant File Initialization is so important for restores
  • How to use DMVs to check restore progress
  • How to find the bottleneck while you’re backing up or restoring data

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