Observability: The Central Watchtower for Your All-Seeing IT Needs

As we were closing out 2023, I wrote the article Observability: The Central Watchtower for Your All-Seeing IT Needs for DevOps.com. I’ve enclosed the first few paragraphs below, but I’d love for you to read the entire article and provide your feedback and thoughts. Enjoy!


If there’s something you need to keep secure, it’s natural to want to keep it sealed away under lock and key. However, even keeping something in a vault, far from prying eyes and ill intent, may not be enough to offer peace of mind. After all, how can you have the peace of mind of knowing it’s safe if you don’t regularly check to ensure it hasn’t bolted, been burgled or broken down?

Now, multiply the volume and value of things being monitored tenfold — and you get a sense of the daily inefficiencies and anxieties IT professionals battle.

Instead of jewels, these teams safeguard, manage and maintain something far more valuable: The data that underpins everything from business transactions to system performance to threat detection to service delivery and beyond. To make matters more complicated, today’s digital ecosystems are more complicated, distributed and disparate than ever before.

Databases are critical to managing a successful IT department — and it’s time to discard the widespread industry’s perception of them as an unknowable black box. To be sure, databases represent the most difficult component of the IT ecosystems to observe, tune, manage and scale. But the database isn’t a Magic 8 ball in terms of its internal processes; We no longer have to shake the mystery toy and accept one of the six answers it’s designed to spit out.

The fact of the matter is that database specialists and IT teams need a clear view of database performance telemetry if they want any hope of maintaining the health, stability and scalability of their services….

Read the rest of article here: Observability: The Central Watchtower for Your All-Seeing IT Needs

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