NOSQL- A Quick Overview

Several attendees at the SQLRally were asking about NoSQL (“Not Only SQL”) and its benefits. This article gives a quick overview: HERE.

Also, two good resources have come out from my friend Guy Harrison. This piece on Cassandra, one of the most popular NoSQL databases, was published a while back in Database Trends and Applications Magazine. I also really liked these entries from Guy at TechRepublic and TechTarget.  Guy also had the good fortune of having one of his articles published on GigaOm and then picked up in the New York Times Technology section.

The article, titled “Real World NoSQL: HBase at Trend Micro,” is the first in a five-part series Guy wrote, spotlighting NoSQL (non-relational) database deployments at five different companies. The other good learning experience for me was hearing about GigaOm for the first time.  GigaOm, now on my reading list, is considered an influential and prestigious publication in the NoSQL realm.

Let me know what you think.  Enjoy!



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  1. Great info. thanks Kevin!.

    I recently read an article about NoSQL in Microsoft Azure platform.

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