New On SQLPASS.ORG – Dealing with Micromanagers

In my regular professional development column for the Professional Association for SQL Server (PASS), Plays Well With Others, check out my latest post on dealing with micromanagers.

Mad boss, Bad boss

Those TPS reports are due at 3:30 pm sharp, Mister!

If you’ve ever dealt with a manager who questioned your every move, hijacked meetings, nit-picked over inconsequential details, or made you jump through endless hoops of administrivia, then you know what I’m writing about.

This article is part one of a two part series.  Part one deals with identifying how and why managers become micro-managers.  Part two, coming in the next issue of the PASS Community Connector, gives you strategies you can use to survive and even thrive in these scenarios, and also tells you when to cut-n-run.

There are already questions showing up on the post.  So come join the fun.  Post your own questions or experiences, and help the community grow.



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  1. Link to the second article is pointing to first article as well.

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