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I just posted a new entry on my SQLMag Tool Time blog that you might enjoy. Thanks to my friend and fellow MVP John Paul Cook for bringing Disk2Vhd to my attention on his blog. The free tool is enables migration of a physical machine (PM) to a virtual machine (VM), while the PM is running.  You can download it from Microsoft here.  John also has lots of other great information about VM migration here.  Note that John’s content relates to Hyper-V. So if you’re looking for VMWare tools, keep looking. Of course, if you find similar free tools for VMWare, let us know by posting here!


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  1. Kevin,
    VMware has had a free tool for years called VMware Converter which is used to migrate physical servers to a VM.


  2. Excellent, Denny! I knew that there had to be one somewhere. Do you know a URL to get the tool?



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