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Jack Handy, famous from Saturday Night Live

Just wanted to let you know that a TechNet Radio episode and interview I did about cloud computing is now live on TechNet Edge. It was the featured spot on Thursday, June 3rd and is also featured on the TechNet homepage.

I’ve been trying to wear more of an analyst’s hat these days, so this webcast has a lot of my “deep thinking” on issues related to cloud computing – hopefully at a higher level of quality that Jack Handy.

A salient point that I think many analysts are overlooking is the changing nature of data as it exists in the cloud.  For decades, data has primarily been about people (and their activities) for consumption by other people.  The cloud is enabling a major shift in data generation and consumption where data is produced by machines for consumption by other machines.  We’ll soon be looking at situations, now rather rare, in which sensors are extremely commonplace.  These sensors, whether they be in traffic signals or high-end medical devices, will create enormous amounts of data far more frequently than ever before, loading that data directly into cloud databases.  The cloud databases will consume and process the data and, when automated analysis (made all the easier through features like StreamInsight in SQL Server 2008 R2) will flag important findings for review by a real-live human being.  Check out the interview for several real-world examples being played out even as we speak.

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