Holiday Crazy

There are have been a lot of things going on this last week. During the Thanksgiving holiday week, there was tons of work for me to do both on the job and at home. However, the kids made the work light and more fun. For one thing, Dylan’s very cool rock band – No Name Nonsense – had a performance and they rocked the house. They played at the high school’s Battle of the Bands and did an awesome job. Out of a dozen or more bands, they came in third.

The winning band had some middle-aged guys in the band who could put thousands of dollars into their equipment. They also played, IMO, weird music that showcased their virtuosity without really catching the audience’s attention (think of really progressive Rush or Yes to get an idea of what they sounded like). The 2nd place winner was a guy & his guitar – the soulful singer-songwriter type. Several bands performing that night were “screamo” bands – hard rock bands whose singer screams & growls without singing a tune. No Name Nonsense had the most snappy and accessible rock sound out of the entire crowd of performers.

The girls both got haircuts from their mom, one of her definite talents. I’m still not used to how their hair looks though they’re incredibly cute. Emily has hit on this idea of making a drawing on your finger to provide an instant disguise. It’s pretty funny imo:

I spent Thanksgiving itself with the kids and with Rachel. We also got a chance to visit with my friends David & Saundra later in the day while the kids spent the evening with their mom. All in all, it was a nice relaxing day with lots of great food.

At one point, Katie bonked her cheek and eyebrow while playing with Ava, Kaylee, and Savanna. But she was a little trooper and, despite the slight bruise, she went right back in to play. Hey, it’s not a holiday unless someone gets hurt, right?

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