Happy Birthday, Anna!

It’s Not Cindy-Loo-Who, It’s Anna Lynn!

My beautiful little Anna was born 10 years ago today. Even at a remarkably young age, less than a year old, we knew that she was an especially gentle and loving child with a warm heart and overflowing joy.

She has always loved snuggling and tickling, hugs and kisses, raspberries on tummies, chewies on the neck, cuddles on the couch and naps on the bed.

She’s always been effusive with her love and affection. She was her brother’s most enthusiastic cheerleader at his football games. And when his team lost the state championships, tiny Anna was so upset about how he felt that she had to run through all of those big football players to hug on him and tell her how proud he’d made her.

Happy Tenth Birthday, my little Anna Lynn! You’re even more beautiful inside than outside. And your outside is really, really beautiful!

With love,

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