Happy 15th Birthday Emily!

We spent a quite day at home with the family for Emily’s 15th birthday.

She got gifts from me and each of the kids: an iPod Classic 80gb, an iPod Home radio & clock (from Dylan), mandolin music books (from Katie & Anna), and a nice Canon Rebel XT digital camera with a 2gb memory card.

I think that she was most happy to get the camera. She’s worn that camera around more often than she wears her purse out of the house.

She also got some nice cards from her grandparents – my mom and stepdad from California and from my dad and stepmom in Alabama.

She’s also really excited that she can get her learner’s permit and start to practice driving. I’m a little worried about that big step, but I’m excited for her too.

I was also rather impressed with the efforts of her boyfriend, Caleb. He made a big effort to make the day extra special for her by buying her a nice neclace and pendant and then taking her out to a nice, dress-up dinner.

She was a pretty baby and is now an even prettier lady!

I love you, Emmy Tay. Happy birthday!


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