Fun in the Snow – Draper, Utah

Each year, I take the kids on an individual trip with dad. I try to make it inexpensive and unassuming. But the emphasis of these trips is always focused on communication, connection, and building good memories. This year, I was able to take Emily to go skiing in Utah. My only expense was flying her out, since my trip was on the tail-end of my PASS trip. And my good friend Joel Meyer very graciously provided a place for us to stay, food to eat, and great company.

We were very fortunate to have great weather for the trip. It started snow the evening we arrived and, the next morning, we had a happy 8″ of snow on the ground. The snow looked so pretty on the streets, on the trees, and on the stuff in the backyard. It was a classic snowstorm that was perfect for making snow angels.

We enjoyed visiting with Joel and his oldest son, Christopher. The rest of Joel’s family (Theresa – his wife, and their youngest kids, Dalton and Savannah) were on an extended vacation on the Alabama Gulf coast. They promptly toasted Emily and I in games like Spades, though I did pretty good in a round of Scattegories.

But the major attraction of the visit were the snow-covered hills. Emily got rave reviews from her ski instructor that she was “a natural” and “made the biggest progress in a single hour of any student he’s ever taught”. I, on the other hand, sustained plenty of skiing injuries and despite lots of practice as a result of stopping primarily by falling on my face. I even broke a ski pole.

Our second day on the hills was spent on the Tubing slopes. Now that was something I could handle – a running start and then gravity pulls you downhill at 30 mph. No skill required. Awesome!
We also got to see some of Salt Lake City, Utah which is a very nice city and, surprisingly, really diverse these days. It was a fantastic trip.


  1. It looks like you guys had a fun trip. Sking scares me I think I’d like it too much

  2. Looks like a great time!

    The last time I went skiing, I returned a broken pole, too. I should have tried the tubes instead.


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