Fun in Florida

Dylan and I got a chance to take a trip together to Florida. We had incredible fun at Busch Gardens and at Universal Studio’s Island of Adventure.

One of the fun things about our trip was that I finagled a free upgrade on my rental car. So we drove around Florida in a nice, new Mustang. The big V8 had a powerful basso and a lot of acceleration. Too bad it sucked down the gas like a mutha.

We went to two amusement parks, my favorite was Busch Gardens in Tampa. It was less crowded and less expensive, but the rides were easily as good, if not better than Islands of Adventure. Islands of Adventure hasn’t had a new ride in a while, so it was a bit tiresome for me. On the other hand, Universal Studios is putting a ton of resources into the new World of Harry Potter attraction that will open next year.

My favorite ride was Sheekra (which you can see in the background behind Dylan). The cool thing about Sheekra is that it starts off with a 200′ verticle drop (ala Tower of Terror sort of ride) then goes in to the rest of the awesome rollercoaster ride. Crazy scary!

Of course, the main thing about our time together was the fact that Dylan and I got to spend so much time together. It was great to be able to spend a lot of uninterrupted time with Dylan, talk, and just hang out.

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