Easter Morning

The girls in their Easter dresses just before church on Easter morning. From left to right, Kaylee, Savannah, Ava, Anna, and Katie.

We’ve had a long standing tradition with the Easter Bunny. When he comes to our house, not only does he hide the kids’ Easter Baskets, but he also leaves riddles that they have to solve to find their baskets. In previous years, each of the kids would have to solve a riddle that takes them to the next clue, solve that riddle which in turn takes them to the next clue, and so on until the find their baskets.

This year, the Easter Bunny changed things up. He didn’t tell us why, but I suspect that he changed things a bit to better accommodate a house full of kids. This year, the Easter Bunny appointed Emily to be the master of ceremonies for the basket hunt. Ellie, who was staying with us at the time, was the official videographer of the event and got it all recorded with the camcorder.

Emily had a special envelope that had a rhyming riddle that was also a madlib. The kids had to decipher the madlib and then solve the riddle to get even the first clue about where their Easter baskets might be. However, the Easter Bunny threw in an extra curve. In order to find out the words that could be used for the madlib, the kids had to act out the clue to all the others in a game of charades. Once they got it right, the master of ceremonies (i.e. Emily) was able to give the next kid a clue to act out until all the kids had acted out all of the clue words for the madlibs.

The girls had a ton of fun playing the games of charades and, on top of that, had another dose of fun trying to solve the madlib riddle which led them to the hiding place of their Easter baskets.

All of the kids got a load of candy, a DVD, and a CD that they’d been wanting. I had to explain to the girls that this was quite a huge haul compared to what the Easter Bunny used to bring to my house when I was a kid. I think they tossed my little speech into the same mental drawer as the “I had to walk uphill to school, both ways, in the snow…” speech that my parents used to give me.

The girls also got to do a fun Easter egg hunt at church, where they had a good time finding a mountain of eggs.

Why don’t I have any pictures of Anna here?!? I dunno. Still, they’re cute!




  1. Anna was at a slumber party so she had to miss the egg hunt, remember?

  2. Of course not! My brain is not constructed to hold that kind of important information. I wish it were.

  3. Very informative post. .:) enjoyed reading every bit of it …

    Thanks for sharing ..


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