Dylan’s 18!!!

Eighteen years ago, I couldn’t have begun to guess where life would take us today. But as this lil boy grew and developed, I knew that he would be smart and strong and full of life. Even as a little infant, my adult friends remarked about how he seemed to be an “old soul” with deep soulful eyes and intelligent brows.

As he aged, his mother and I discovered his zest for life. I find the picture to left curiously prescient about the way Dylan drives cars today. I also love all of those books scattered behind him. We spent countless hours reading those classic children’s books to him – Just Grandma and Me, The Pokey Little Puppy, and the Little Engine that Could. The experts said that if you read a lot to your kids, then they would become lovers of reading. Dylan is a walking testamony to the fact that experts don’t know much (at least as of this writing).
Dylan also learned quickly that being an entertainer was a passion of his. He loved to sing, to dance, and to make people laugh. He figured out a lot of ways to engage people with his smile and elocution. But this little sight-gag, to the right, was his favorite in 3rd grade and 4th, just about the time he was learning the “Knock Knock – Banana” joke.
Happy birthday, my hunka-man 18 year old son. I’m proud of your achievements thus far and I know that many more are in store for you. I can’t wait to see where you’ll be and what you’ll be doing 18 years from now. I know that another 18 years will find you doing more of the same – being fun, fantastic, and funky fresh!
Love you,


  1. hey, you read a lot to me, and you can tell that statistic worked here!

    also, don't ever use the phrase "funky-fresh" again!!

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