DBTA: Is it Time for a Professional Code of Ethics for DBAs?

In my many years on the board of directors of the Professional Association for SQL Server (PASS), I frequently exhorted our members to strive for individual achievement and personal excellence. One of the best paths for many SQL Server professionals is through certification, especially if they lack years of demonstrated on-the-job experience. However, certification only paints half the picture. While it might demonstrate, at a minimum, that you passed a test (or several tests) about the database technology, it tells nothing about your standards for good conduct. [READ MORE]


  1. I hold several certs but view them as a waste of time. As I’m further in my career now my resume speaks for itself and for my integrity in the workplace.

  2. I’m sorry you invested in a lot of certifications only to find them of no value. However, the experiences you can show on your resume are definitely what most hiring managers consider to be the most significant. Keep it up!

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