Crazier every day

Privately, Katie Jo has always been a crazy cat in the privacy of our home. She has a zany sense of humor. And she has a very kinetic level of energy. At school and in public, she’s displayed a very shy and demure demeanor. But as she’s progressed through the school year, her true personality has started to show through.

She’s gotten much bolder lately in terms of how she explores, experiments, and relates to other people. For years, she’d only hide behind me when we met a stranger or even a person that we knew casually. When it came to relating to the material world, she’d be very shy with new things like silly putty or playdo or floam. She would usually wait to see someone else playing with something before she’d even consider it. Now, she dives in with both feet, sometimes when it’s not exactly a good idea. Here’s a picture of her wearing Emily’s dress and apron I brought from Bavaria for her, she even padded Emily’s bra. LOL!

She’s also taken to technology like a fish to water. She’ll be unstoppable once she can ready. Just a while back, she clambered up into my lap after a day at school and insisted that SHE take some pictures with my webcam. Some of the results are the two pictures on the left. She’s pretty darn funny if you ask me and developing every day.


  1. Good Lord! Who was her makeup artist? Or can you see that she’s wearing a ton of eye shadow? Har!

  2. Emily helped her out with her clothes and makeup. I didn’t even realize she was wearing makeup. Doh!

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