If I Were King, March 2010 Edition

It wasn't too long ago that I heard about an 80 year old woman who went in to a Florida Department of Motor Vehicles office, renewed her drivers license, and promptly slammed her enormous Cadillac into a large tree at the edge of the parking lot. Inspectors on the scene said that she had to be going at least 50 mph to inflict that much damage to the car and to the tree. I repeat AT LEAST 50 MPH IN A SMALL PARKING LOT!I've often maintained that driving, though ingrained into the American psyche, is a privilege and not a right. Part of that privilege is maintaining your skills and not being a … [Read more...]

If I Were President, Episode #1

I have millions of thoughts, ideas, and hypothesis running through my head all the time. Some are about inventions I'd make. Some are about stories I'd write. Some are about politics.So one area that I've been thinking about over the years was along the lines of "If I were president, I'd do...xyz". Some of these ideas I think are kind'a good. So I thought I'd share them with you and you can shoot them down or talk them up. Here's one example - I'd create my own political party that represents my own political ideas. (That's going to be its own series of posts, however.) But the political … [Read more...]