The Beast, um I mean Truck, is Back!

So glad to have my truck back! Like me, it's a 1966 model. It was a cowboy cadillac in its day, with AC, automatic transmission, and all the options. It even had safety belts, which the original owner (I'm the 3rd owner) paid $20 extra for. Rachel has a lot more details on her blog about the ordeal it took to finally get it back. But now that it's home, we'll just pretend that all of those travails never happened. … [Read more...]

Ol’ Faithful

Well, the old Pontiac Bonnaville turned 100k miles last week. It's been a great car and has had less than $2000 of repairs on it over the years. Although I never think of cars as investments, since investments don't lose money by default, this car has been a good use of my dollars. I'm glad to be able to hand if down to Dylan when he turns 16.-Kev … [Read more...]