Building Modern Data Pipelines Using DBT

Back in May 2024, I had the opportunity to write a guest column for Database Trends and Applications Magazine, a publication I once where I once wrote a monthly column on Microsoft SQL Server and Azure SQL for many years. I thought I’d take a moment to bring it to your attention.

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Earlier this year, I had the privilege of serving on the organizing committee for the DataTune conference in my hometown of Nashville, Tenn. Unlike many database-specific or platform-specific conferences, which tend to focus on analytics and data science, DataTune covers a wide variety of topics such as database engineering, development, admin­istration, and analytics. I was delighted to be joined on the committee by two friends, Dustin Dorsey and Cameron Cyr, authors of Unlocking dbt: Design and Deploy Transfor­mations in Your Cloud Data Warehouse.

Dustin, Cameron, and I spent more than a few moments dis­cussing the rising popularity of dbt (Data Build Tool). It was a conversation well worth having. dbt (notice that the lowercase letters are intentional) has gone from being an obscure field in 2021 to today’s de facto industry standard for data transformation and analytics engineering. dbt Labs has more than 4,000 custom­ers for its commercial dbt Cloud product, and more than 25,000 companies use its dbt open source product to create and manage data pipelines….

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