Briefly: Significant Personnel Moves Inside of Microsoft Azure

Briefly: Dream Team Forms Around Azure

If you’re wondering whether to hedge your long-term bets on cloud computing, this should help you solidify your thinking.

Microsoft has been building a dream team for Azure, including the patriarch of Windows (and father of Windows NT) Dave CutlerTweets from several Microsofties reveal that another revered technologist, Mark Russinovich of SysInternals fame has also joined the team.  When almost all of the heavy hitters in a company like Microsoft go to work on a single exciting new technology, you can easily tell which direction the wind is blowing.  I encourage you to get on board soon with cloud computing, at least in experimentation mode.  Read more about Russinovich joining the Azure team here.

Protect Your @$#% Content, or, Lots of New Content on

I’ve been enjoying two new features of WordPress over on my professional website which is missing here on – scheduled blog posts and auto-tweets. What got me thinking about using scheduled blog posts and auto-tweets, you ask?  For starters, my friend and former colleague, Brent Ozar, put a lot of thought and time into the question “Who Owns Your Content?”.  Then, to add fuel to the fire, two of Quest’s best marketing minds, Christian Hasker and Andy Grant, took a survey of all the places I was posting my thoughts and IP, which led to some great advice from Andy.  I’d initially thought that by writing in multiple places and on many other websites, it would promote my content.  But a quick analysis showed that I was giving without getting anything in return, not even recognition.  I was easily writing three or four magazine style articles per month with very little to show for it, not even ping-backs to my website.

Protect Your What!?! (Audio is Not Quite SFW).

The schedule blog posts have come in very handy.  First, I’d decided a while back to start talking more about what I do at Quest Software and the products that I’m a part of.  Since I don’t want to come across sounding like a schill, I decided that I’d put those posts on my own website and not torture you with those posts where I’m syndicated.  If you’re interested in posts about products like LiteSpeed or Toad for SQL Server, you can check for my regularly scheduled posts to appear on Wednesday morning.  I’ve now got a nice little queue of Quest-related posts for many Wednesdays to come.

Second, I’ve also decided to attempt to bring in more of the content I’d written for other websites and channels into  So I’ve scheduled a series of posts that bring in other content I’ve written and/or recorded elsewhere.  For example, Thursdays mornings are the time where I’ll post my YouTube video clips.  Since I already had a ton on YouTube, I’m putting those up via scheduled posts for the next several weeks.  Of course, I’ll also be posting new videos.  But it’ll be good to have all of my old videos up there too in a single place.

Finally, as I mentioned before, I’d written a couple long-term columns without ever getting even one extra website hit from all that work, such as my professional development articles for  I’m pulling those back onto and will continue those columns, but as elements of my own blog.  You’ll see more about them here when they’re posted.

The Week In Review

Timeliness has never been a strong point for me.  I’m such a procrastinator, in fact, that I’m still trying to decide if I’ll go to my 20th high school reunion in 2005.

Having said that, here are some recent blog posts on that you might enjoy:

I hope these are of some value and hope to hear your feedback.  Thanks and enjoy!


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