Big Data Industry Predictions for 2024

Back on 03-Jan, 2024, the publication insideBIGDATA published a collection of predictions for the coming year in an article written by Daniel Gutierrez. I, along with many other experts on the subject, was invited to provide my thoughts on the topic.

I suggest you give it a review. Read the full article here –

For my part, I wrote…

AI Answers The Call for Help Managing Data Overabundance: Today’s data professionals have an overwhelming amount of information at their fingertips but many may lack the actionable insights they need. And, with the increase in data being categorized across distributed sources—328.77 million terabytes daily—organizations are grappling with the challenges of data management. Data is one of the most valuable assets an enterprise has, yet it’s fundamentally useless unless it can be leveraged, understood, and applied effectively. As we approach 2024, data management is rapidly evolving toward a future dominated by artificial intelligence. AI is the answer for IT teams as they navigate today’s increasingly complex distributed and hybrid digital environments.

Because these technologies process more information than any one human ever could, they support resource-constrained IT teams by ensuring applications and services are running properly without the need for human intervention. AI-powered observability and ITSM solutions, in particular, can provide a lift to IT teams by enabling them to automate tasks, detect security threats and performance anomalies, optimize performance, and make better decisions based on data analysis.

Yet our path forward in 2024 requires deliberate planning and a keen understanding of how and in what ways AI can help us. While walking the exhibit halls of several large IT conferences this year, I was surprised how almost every vendor’s booth was blazoned with AI captions. These frothy headlines won’t turn a poor or mediocre product into a good one. And organizations that begin their journey to AI by hurrying to implement the latest shiny new technology without analysis, are least likely to see long-term and sustainable success. Instead, carefully plan your AI strategy and you’ll reap the rewards long into the future. – Kevin Kline, Senior Staff Technical Marketing Manager from SolarWinds

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