Azure Trust Services

You might have noticed that Microsoft has recently launched a cool set of Trust Services for Azure.  This is an application-level encryption framework that can be used to protect sensitive data stored on the Windows Azure Platform.

One of the hindrances to adoption of Azure that I keep hearing about is trust and security.  If you want to learn more about protecting your data in the cloud you can read up HERE.  I’m not pushing you to get into Azure (even though you should), nor am I subtly trying to make you feel guilty for ignoring the cloud in general nor Azure specifically (subtle, ain’t I?).  But you really should consider learning a few things about database applications running in the cloud.  Our reticence to learn about cloud computing is rough analogous to data processing professionals in the 1980’s who thought the microcomputers where a passing fad.  They weren’t.  And neither is cloud.

Let me know what you think … after you’ve read about  Trust Services for Azure.  Enjoy,


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