Anniversary at Database Trends & Applications Magazine

I was happy to hear that the magazine Database Trends and Applications had recently relaunched their website.  While I’d been a columnist there for a quite a while, I’d never been able to easily find my own articles nor check to see if they’d generated any interest.  DBTA has changed all of that with their relaunch.  I was also surprised, upon closer examination, that I’d been writing there for more than a year.  Check to see if any of these articles are of interest to you.  I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Security as an Afterthought Issue: November 2009

The Big Keep Getting Bigger Issue: October 2009 

Getting Up to Speed on the SQL Server Social Media Scene Issue: September 2009 

The Ebb and Flow of SQL Server Instrumentation Issue: August 2009

A Look at Upcoming Enhancements in SQL Server 2008 R2 Issue: July 2009 

Is it Time for a Professional Code of Ethics for DBAs? Issue: June 2009 

The Trouble with Third-Party Applications Issue: May 2009 

SQL Server in the Clouds? Issue: April 2009 

The Future of Coding for SQL Server, Part 2 Issue: March 2009 

The Future of Coding for SQL Server Issue: February 2009 

Reaching for Highly Scalable Systems with SQL Server 2008 Issue: January 2009

Long-Term Changes Resulting from Policy-Based Management Issue: December 2008 

The New Master’s Certification from Microsoft Issue: October 2008 

What to Expect at the PASS 2008 Summit Issue: September 2008

The November article just went live this week. The site traffic is 79% North America, with India and the UK as the next largets readership markets. It was heartening to see a relatively high level of interest in the “Code of Ethics for DBA’s” among other topics.

If you are perceiving a trend or overarching issue in the SQL Server world, I’d love to hear your input.  Drop me a note here or use one of the methods available on to get in touch with me directly.



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