Accelerate OLTP with HP and Microsoft’s New High Performance Reference Architecture

If you haven’t started to read Shashank Pawar (blog), you’re missing out.  Shashank is part of Microsoft Australia and has been writing some very good content lately.  Here’s an example from the Reference Architecture for High Performance SQL Server:

HP and Microsoft engineering teams have worked together to create a reference architecture to Accelerate Online Transaction Processing (OLTP) database workloads with a fully-flash based HP/Microsoft architecture and achieve significant performance increases, simplified database manageability, and industry leading TCO.

The details come in a torrent after that leading paragraph with lots of pretty pictures and charts to help explain.  This is great stuff, especially for competitive platforms such as Oracle Exadata.

Read more about the new HP High Performance Reference Architecture for SQL Server 2012 here.

And just out of curiousity, are any of you using high performance architectures such as Oracle Exadata, IBM Netezza, or Teradata?  I’d love to hear your feedback, questions, and comments.



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