More Gems from the Vault

As part of the divorce agreement with Kelly, I have a major piece of work ahead. I’m slowly going through and cleaning up all of the photos that Dylan scanned. Most of the scans ended up having two to four photos saved in a single image file. So it’s going to take a lot of work to get them all broken out into separate files. Considering that there are 10’s of thousands of photos, you can imagine the work ahead.

Here’s a pic of me and Emily just after she was born. Even though it’s mid-summer and I have one of my best tans ever, you can see that she was a shade or two darker than I was. She had the most beautiful little red, rose-bud lips and large sparkling brown eyes – a real angel! She definitely showed her Italian heritage from day one.

Seeing this picture, I’m reminded of the time Kelly had taken new-born Emily to the mall in Huntsville, where another young woman approached her.

“My baby’s daddy is black too!” said the woman.

Kelly just stared at her. “Her father isn’t black. He’s half-Italian.” Kelly replied. Kelly looked down at Emily’s dark coloring and just laughed!

At first, I really dreaded this project. I knew that I’d have a lot of sentimental emotions to deal with. However, it’s pictures like the one below of my and Dylan that have left me feeling surprisingly good. I still have a lot of difficulty getting through this – lots of tears. On the other hand, I look at these pictures and see the happiness of my children and know that I have done well.



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