Yummy Carbs, Evil Carbs


I’ve felt rather blessed in terms of not struggling too much with my weight. On the other hand, I want to hit a new level of physical fitness and so, as a consequence, I’ve decided to cut back on the carbs.

It’s been two weeks now and, with a few minor lapses, I’m getting used to eating low carb. What’s really amazing about low carb is how quickly the weight melts away. I’ll allow myself the equivalent of four slices of bread (40g), in case I want a couple sandwiches for lunch, in a single day. But most days I actually consume a lot less carbs than that. The only hard part has been giving up ice cream at night before bed. I’m sure that Purity Dairies miss my business. But, otherwise, it’s pretty easy. I don’t even have a problem skipping the chips at Cinco De Mayo, my favorite Mexican restaurant.

We’ll check back in a couple months to report how the weight loss program is going. Cheers!


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