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I’m off on my first international trip of the year and, let me tell you, the economic problems at home in the USA have a direct impact on my wallet. Look at these currency prices:

In case you’re having trouble reading the sign, it says that you can buy 229 pound sterling with change for $500. That means that every steak, fish & chips, soda, and newspaper costs more than twice what it does in the USA. Aaaagh!


  1. You must be mistaken. Our economy is fine. George Bush told me so.

  2. Ouch! I remember not too long ago while visiting London thinking that 1.25 to 1 was a terrible exchange rate.

  3. It’s funny, but people in these other countries should jump on the chance to come to the USA and make big purchases. For example, HP laptops that are $600 here were also 600 pounds sterling there.

    That means a Brit could fly to the USA and buy their computer at half price. If it was a big enough system, maybe including a big screen TV/home theater system, then that’d pay for the trip and leave them with change to spare. Weird eh?

  4. Wow … that’s way worse than when we were there in 2000. And I thought it was bad then!

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