We won! We Won!

I’m sure that this won’t make any sense to most of y’all. But one of the products that I was responsible for was a big winner at TechEd. It’s called Spotlight on SQL Server and it won Best of Show in the data management category at Microsoft TechEd.

Speaking of having some hard work pay off nicely, William Wilberforce, the English politician who helped to legally abolish the slave trade after 20 years of trying, wrote, “No one has a right to be idle. Where is it that in such a world as this, that health, and leisure, and affluence may not find some ignorance to instruct, some wrong to redress, some want to supply, some misery to alleviate?” As another Englishman so eloquently put it, “We make living by what we get; we make a life by what we give.”




  1. You won! You won!

  2. Spanks tweetheart! :^) -ZM

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