Various Asian Weirdnesses

One of the most difficult things in Asia for a Westerner to get used to is the “squat toilet”. What’s a squat toilet, you ask?

As you can see at right, there’s no relaxing on one of these babies. You simply crouch over it and let ‘er rip. Of course, if you don’t get your trousers out of the way properly, they’ll be in the toilet. But I guess you learn to deal with it.
Another kind’a weird thing about the Asian scene is their enjoyment in Cosplay. Cosplay means “costume play”. It’s just like with little kids playing dress up (“I’ll be the doctor, you be the patient.”) except that they’re adults doing it. One of the most popular cosplay’s in town was the Cosplay Cafe where all the waitresses were dressed up like sexy French maids. Dylan would just love this place.
I guess the Hooter’s Girl isn’t enough. The waitress also has to be stereotypically subservient too. Go figure. One maid (called Meido in Japanese) took about 5-10 minutes to stir this one dude’s tea. He was loving every minute of it. Normally, waitresses do not get tips, but they do at Meido cafe’s – good tips.
Evidently, they do all sorts of obsequious things for their customers like squeeze the ketchup onto the plate. On the other hand, that might be someone’s idea of great service, but don’t ask me. I think it’s a little odd.


  1. That floor toilet realllllly bothers me. I mean, what if you have … um … you know … EXPLOSIVE DIARRHEA? Really, how in the world do you deal with that?!

    My w.v. is “orqldeeb” – sounds like a D&D monster.

  2. You see 3 ogres and an orqldeeb. Will you attack or take another course of action?

    Yeah, with those toilets, I couldn’t help but think of the times that I’d had to whip my pants down in a hurry. With no raised toilet to prevent it, some or all of my trowsers could wind up in the water. Worse yet, you could wind up crapping on them especially with the explosive diarrhea situation. Ugh!

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