Valentime’s Day Brick

We were surprised yesterday to get a nice big box from Grandma Shirley and Grandpa Chuck. It’s almost staggering to me to think that my mom is going to be 70 soon. But then again, I’m going to be 40 soon and she was 30 when I was born.

Grandpa Chuck is a senior Olympia and, despite terrible back problems, is in great shape. He’s gold medal’ed many times over the years. My mom is very active and has the blessing of good genes. I think that they both look really young and healthy for their age. Now don’t they look like the kind’a couple you want to be when you’re hitting 70?

Emily was the one who figured out that the box was a Valentines gift and quickly tore into it. I’m not sure if you can see, but it’s a HUGE thick slab of chocolate with the words “Love, Grandma & Grandpa” written across it in red.

Needless to say, there was no keeping the little girls from such a treasure! It was certainly a wonderful gift and they’re still enjoying it today. Are those not the faces of some REALLY happy kids?

Of course, Dad just couldn’t resist taking a small bit himself. And boy howdy, it was yummy. I hope you have a great Valentine’s Day too. My girls certainly did.



  1. I can just barely tell on the righthand rat-nibbled corner that it’s Hershey’s, too, which is their absolute fave!
    Tell ’em to save a chunk for momma. Preferrably NOT the chunk in the middle that all their warm little hands have hung onto. Ick. Nothin’ like melted chocolate full of fingerprints, hair, and lint.

  2. By now, I’m sure there’ll be some EXTRA lint for you. Heehee!


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