• The Federal Office of Business Activity and Productivity estimates that $502 million dollars are lost each year due to reduced productivity due to April Fool’s Day pranks. When asked, the bureau declined to estimate how much it had cost to arrive at that estimate.

• As of 2008, no fewer than 84 different publicly funded institutes of higher learning had federally-funded programs to monitor so-called “pork barrel” spending.

• In the United States, approximately 3.431 percent of federal employees work on any given federal holiday.

• In an average year, 169 lawsuits are filed in Federal court alleging that having Christmas as a Federal Holiday is a violation of the separation of church and state.

• In 2006, there were 263 different federal offices and agencies in the United States that turned a profit.

• Information about poet e. e. cummings is blocked by nearly two-thirds of public school web filters.

• Due to his posthumous conviction for dueling, Alexander Hamilton is the only felon to have appeared on U.S. currency.

• Ironically, Mother Teresa of Calcutta was never officially baptized.

• If just the ink in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows were spread out, it would be enough to cover a football field.• The amount of electricity used to inform everyone (via email, TV, etc.) about “Earth Hour” on March 28, 2009 was nearly twelve times as much as the expected savings.

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