Togetherness Is Always Special

I always enjoy getting to spend time with Ray. It’s really rather ironic that although I work from home, it still sort’a feels like a job. We get to eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner together. We have coffee in the morning together. But once the work starts, it feels like separation.

I wonder if the old farmers in the field with the farm wives in the kitchen felt that way about their work? When the ol’ farm wives looked up from their sink of dishes, which they had to wash by hand, out to the north forty and see their husbands behind a horse drawn plow, did they smile? Did they feel reconnected and reinforced?

I hear lots of people talk about getting lost in their work and completely losing track of time. I’ve experienced that once or twice, but it’s rare. And it’s usually under stress. So that means that a sense of timelessness in work also carries a pretty big negative connotation for me.

Still, the fact that we’re together a lot is wonderful. And then when we’re able to be together and NOT have to worry about work means a really magical experience is at hand. :^)


  1. It's funny because when we were dating, it seemed like we were never together due to kids, work, etc. Since we got married, unless you are travelling, we are always together. I like it much better this way. I just never get tired of seeing your face.

  2. Your face!

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