The Year that was – 2011

Looking back on 2011, I’m surprised by two occurances. First, I got a lot of work done, despite myself. My biggest obstacles to high-performance are all self-derived; procrastination, disorganization, and plain ol’ laziness.  Second, I’m surprised I survived my personal travails. I’ve had my fill of frowns this year, from wayward children to caring for sick loved ones to self-inflicted injuries in 2011.  I’m glad to be closing the door on a few of those chapters and look forward to better times in 2012.

Here’s a run-down on my professional activities over the course of 2011:

  • Articles: 3
  • Conference Spoken: 14
  • Customer Calls: 124
  • Customer Visits: 7
  • Magazine Columns: 14
  • PASS Chapter Presentations: 12
  • Pre-cons/Full-day Seminars: 7
  • SQL Saturdays: 4
  • SSWUG Sessions: 8
  • Webcasts: 16

Plus, I got to got on an awesome SQLCruise and was featured on Richard Campbell’s RunAsRadio show at least once (Richard’s blog | twitter).  (I was thinking that I’d been on twice in 2011. But that other appearance may have been in late 2010. My records aren’t clear.)

I was also put in charge of the SQLServerPedia portion of the DBPedias sites.  Some statistics there:

  • 133 contributing bloggers
  • 4,500 blog posts added in 2011 (out of a total 9,000 blog posts)
  • 57,000 content items added in 2011 (out of a total 138,000 content items)
  • Monday-Thursday all Pedias average 8,700 visits combined
  • 1.9 million visits in 2011 (out of a total 3.8 million visits to Pedia sites since SQLServerPedia was started in 2008)

2011 was also my year to jump into Twitter.  By years end, I had accumulated:

  • 3,452 Tweets
  • 531 Following
  • 230 Listed

I think that my increase in tweets had a direct correlation on my decrease in blog posts.  Ironically, I have accumulated even more topics to blog about (I’ve somewhere around 630 nascent blog posts), but simply run out of time to put them into WordPress.  My blogging activity for 2011 was down to 77 entries, about half what I wrote in 2010.

I’ll talk a little about my plans for 2012 in another post.  I hope to see you following me on Twitter soon!  Thanks,


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